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Canadian researchers found that the brain develops better in children who take music lessons than in those who do not. Reading ability, memory, mathematical skills, concentration and intelligence quotient increase.

Piano school Min teach students to have a loving relationship with piano music and people, as we believe that a positive teaching climate is a prerequisite for maximum learning success. Laughing together is therefore just as important to us as using age-appropriate methodology and effective practice techniques.

Our young students increase their self-confidence and develop musical sense and discipline, as well as independent thinking. For completed lessons you will receive a certificate that you can use for your further musical future.

At the annual student concert, the kids also have the opportunity to present what they have learned to friends and family - and last but not least, the good feeling of really having accomplished something!

Constantly new lesson contents, individually oriented to the interests of the children and young people, motivate our students to come to piano lessons with pleasure and enthusiasm and to get to know and appreciate this highly complex instrument from its "cool" side: The basis for real success.

Child-friendly teaching by trained pianists and the beautiful ambience of our studio create the space in which your child can optimally develop his or her skills. After all, learning is most enjoyable with a laugh. And, as we know, also most effectively.

"Not only a wonderful and gifted pianist, but also a kind and skillful pedagogue, who has the ability to encourage her students according to their talent and awaken their love for making music. She te


"Ms. Min Lee has been teaching our nine-year-old son for several years now, for which we are very grateful. Daniel's piano playing has improved disproportionately thanks to Ms. Lee. He always enjoys g



Only on a concert grand piano can you experience the subtleties of piano playing. Due to the sophisticated mechanics, nuances in playing can be learned which you can only simulate on most conventional pianos or even on an electric piano.


Learn pedagogically theory-oriented and learn from graduate pianists how to play complex passages. Especially complex learning processes in difficult pieces are learned more quickly by playing correctly. This is where purely theoretical language-medial teaching reaches its limits.


Have your progress documented with a pianistic certificate. Document your acquired theoretical and practical skills with each certificate issued. This does not replace the entrance examination at a university, but it still helps to professionally prove what you have learned.


If desired, learn to perform what you have learned at a student concert performance and demonstrate your development to friends and family.


Sang Min Lee - Min piano school


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Hye Rim – Min piano school


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