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Student concerts - Piano School Min

Already since 2005 we organize two annual concerts for our students. There they can present what they have learned to their friends and families. It takes a lot of effort to play in front of a very large audience. Therefore, we prepare our students very thoroughly and combine this with a lot of fun and joy, so that it becomes a positive experience. 

This not only boosts their self-confidence but also brings them a bit closer to playing music on their own. It is the reward of daily practice.

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Piano school Min concert program 2013

Piano School Min Student Concert Season 2013

Piano School Min Christmas Concert 2012


Only on a concert grand piano can you experience the subtleties of piano playing. Due to the sophisticated mechanics, nuances in playing can be learned which you can only simulate on most conventional pianos or even on an electric piano.


Learn pedagogically theory-oriented and learn from graduate pianists how to play complex passages. Especially complex learning processes in difficult pieces are learned more quickly by playing correctly. This is where purely theoretical language-medial teaching reaches its limits.


Have your progress documented with a pianistic certificate. Document your acquired theoretical and practical skills with each certificate issued. This does not replace the entrance examination at a university, but it still helps to professionally prove what you have learned.


If desired, learn to perform what you have learned at a student concert performance and demonstrate your development to friends and family.


Sang Min Lee - Min piano school


Dipl. Pianistin

Hye Rim – Min piano school


Dipl. Pianistin


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